Dry Laid Thermo-bonded Non-woven Fabric
Basic weight from 12 GM/SQM to 60 GM/SQM
Made of non-woven fabric

   1.  100% PP

     2.  100% PE
     3.  Mixture of both (i) and (ii)
     4.  According to Customer's specification
Hot Air Through Non-woven Fabric
Basic weight from 14 GM/SQM to 40 GM/SQM
Made of non-woven - 100 PE
Composite Non-woven Fabric
Basic weight from 35 GM/SQM to 90 GM/SQM

   -  Film (PE or PP) with Non-woven Fabric

     -  Film with Melt Brown with Non-woven Fabric
     -  Non-woven Fabric with Non-woven Fabric
     -  Other specifications
Speciality Two Layers Non-woven Fabric
Two layers:

   1.  Different denier of fibre

     2.  Different basis weight
Bonded together by way of:

   1.  Thermo-bonded process or

     2.  Hot air through process
Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL)
Made of PP fibre or Bicomponent fibre
Patented groove-like design
Basis weight: 32 GSM(Gram Per Square Metre)
Consists of 2 layers:

   1.  Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic

     2.  Hydrophilic/Hydrophilic
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